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LEX JUSTIS CHAMBERS is a boutique law practice in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas founded by Mario L. McCartney, Barrister and Attorney -at- Law. We are located in the downtown district of Nassau, on the Island of New Providence. Our practice comprises of an experienced and dedicated legal team who combine innovation, approachability and outstanding client care to provide quality legal services to our diverse group of local and international clients. 

Since its inception in 2008 our practice has been the recipient of international awards as the nation’s “Featured Business Resource” in 2009, “Best Family Office Formation Firm of the Year” and “Best Boutique Corporate Bahamas Law Firm of the Year” in 2013, and most Outstanding for Investment Fund Formations” in 2016.

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We value professional excellence and expertise, and we work together to produce consistent results for our client. To be at the forefront of the legal profession requires foresight, a desire to share ideas and a willingness to have a voice on issues of importance. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing focused legal advice of the highest quality that will exceed their expectations.


“Excellence and Perseverance In Practice .”


Mario L. McCartney, Esq.

B.A., LLB(Hons.)

Notary Public 

For the past several years Mario L. McCartney has maintained a multi – disciplined practice and accepts instructions across a broad range of legal areas as offered by our Chambers. He represents clients from around the world that conduct their personal and business pursuits in the Bahamas with an emphasis on understanding his clients’ needs. He is known as a counselor that partners with clients to achieve their goals by using his experience in both the legal and business field, and provides the right solution whether it be through the legal system or other avenues. Mario has a reputation for his analytical mind applied to each case, and prides himself on having the compassion and consideration required outside both within and outside of the courtroom, to ensure that those instructing are well informed and involved in the legal process.

Mr. McCartney was called as a Barrister to the degree of the Utter Bar of England and Wales and as a member of the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple on the 12th day of November A.D., 2006 and later called to the Bahamas Bar later that year on the 8th day of December. Mario is a graduate of the University of Buckingham (Buckingham, United Kingdom) having received his bachelor of laws (LLB) degree in 2006, and completed his Bar Vocational Course in Northumbria University (Newcastle, United Kingdom) the following year. He is also a graduate of McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) where he received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Political Science in 2003.

On the 15th of January, 2008 Mr. McCartney founded our Chambers, naming it after two of his most favorite online law libraries during his studies in law school as an everlasting reminder of the strong obligation owed to our clients we represent. Since its inception, Lex Justis Chambers has grown into a well – respected boutique practice, and has established itself as a source of authority pertaining to legal issues in the Bahamas not only for clients, but also for journalists and media companies worldwide seeking to be informed about Bahamian law Firm. Mr. McCartney’s advisory role in both local and international businesses provides him with exceptional insight into corporate governance and directorship affairs. He is comfortable with numbers and understands how the needs of his clients are most effectively secured in the dynamic environment of The Bahamas.