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How much will you have to pay for our assistance?

We understand that uncertainty about attorneys’ fees can be the most intimidating part about seeking counsel. We find that offering some general guidelines about our fee structures upfront can be helpful to potential clients, especially to those who are seeking legal assistance for the first time.

Retainer/Hourly Fee

A retainer works like a security deposit – the deposit is held in the client’s trust account throughout representation and is then applied to the final bill or refunded to the client at the conclusion of the matter. Depending on the nature and complexity of the case and the amount of work expected to be performed, a typical initial retainer will range from $500 to $5,000. Hourly fees are determined by the level of experience held by the attorney, paralegal, or law clerk that has performed a specific task in your case.

Based on the details of the case, we also will try to prepare you for the range of fees that might be involved. Keep in mind, any estimate is simply that: an estimate. Although there are matters where legal fees and cost can be determined accurately, there are cases where It is difficult to determine the final amount of legal fees due to numerous factors, such as litigation or real property transactions. Our goal is to be as up front with you as possible and for you to have a positive experience as our client.


If the Retainer Fee paid has been exhausted and the matter is ongoing, we will ask for further payment in the form of a ‘Refresher’, which is charged on an hourly rate and represents the amount required to complete the legal matter or in litigation matters, the cost of attending court. This amount may be paid in a lump sum, partially on a monthly basis, or per court appearance, depending on the nature and complexity of the matter.

Disbursements & Out of Pocket Expenses

In addition to the recommended Retainer/ Refresher you will also be responsible for the payment of disbursements which include filing fees, expert reports, witnesses, searches at government departments, traveling cost, stamp duty, etc.


Once we have been retained we will provide you with an invoice on a monthly basis that will demonstrate the deductions from the Retainer Fee or Refresher including hourly billings by members of the firm and other expenses relating to the matter. All outstanding fees are required to be paid within fourteen (14) days of receipt.