The Firm’s First logo, 2008.

Although the firm would open its doors to the public on the 15th of January 2008, the very core of its foundation had emerged a few years prior, as an ambitious law student endured the demanding task of studying law as he familiarized himself with the formalities of English culture. He would be far away from home, but the idea of returning home as a reader of the law remained fascinating as the act of helping others and solving problems remained at heart. The student would complete his studies in England and returned to his native Bahama land as a legal practitioner and would later coin the name ‘Lex Justis, in memory of the moment his natural knack for intense legal research using two of his favorite online libraries. Its Founder would embrace his creation as the firm made its presence in a comfortable office space on the top of Hawkins Hill with views that glimpsed the Nassau Harbour and the world famous Altantis Resort on its second floor.

Revised Logo, 2011.

With a small group of support staff, the firm would be a fresh face in the legal field, and would find steady business in immigration law and corporate and commercial services, as tourist would find their way to the office after a visit to the Immigration Department next door. The firm would soon find its way in advising local start up companies and budding entrepreneurs, some of whom have grown to successful tech companies to highly popular food and beverage products in the Bahamas. After the firm launched its website, Mr. McCartney would start a new trend by launching its own blog site, writing on a blend of legal topics while applying legal knowledge to current events taking place in The Bahamas. The blog would also feature other writers who shared the firm’s love for the law and to make a difference in formidable fashion. In 2009 the firm would be the recipient of its first award as Choose What’s “Featured Business Resource” in The Bahamas.

The firm continues to thrive on its own merit, winning a number of awards and assisting international journalist with reports involving legal matters in The Bahamas, the most interesting of which would be Mr. McCartney’s legal commentary concerning the arrest of Colton Harris – Moore a.k.a. ‘The Barefoot Bandit’ whose daring acts of defiance caught the world’s attention. Publication of Mr. McCartney’s brief interview with The Seattle Times was a pleasant compliment to the dedication and hard work undertaken by the firm, as its name would be read by millions of readers on the 11th of July 2010. From that point on the firm would find itself as a go to source of legal information for international journalist who had an interest in The Bahamas, finding its way to the articles of a number of magazine and newspapers worldwide. In the year 2011 the firm would incorporate its own corporate service company, Secured Management Services Ltd. which became a licensed financial & corporate service provider under the Securities Commission of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The company would facilitate the firm’s corporate practice and serve as a registered office and agent for its clients. The firm would be recognized as Mergers & Acquisitions International’s “Best Family Office Formation Firm of the Year” and “Best Boutique Corporate Law Firm of the Year” in 2013.

As life would have it, the firm would eventually develop its litigation practice as victims of social injustice became its newest clients, becoming the latest firm to to represent members of the public with civil actions against various divisions of the Bahamas Government. But despite the adoption of its new practice group, the firm would not forget its roots in corporate law, having been awarded Acquisition International’s “Most Outstanding for Investment Fund Formations” in 2016. Presently, the firm’s litigation practice continues to flourish as it makes regular appearances in the Magistrate’s Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal, while its corporate and commercial practice remains steadfast in its endeavors. With recent re-branding efforts the firm together with its financial & corporate service provider affiliate remain a well recognized boutique firm in The Bahamas.